Welcome To The World of Tiesha H.

Come sit...get to know me.

        My name is Brianna Hadden but, when I model I go by the name of Tiesha H. I consider her to be my alter-ego in front of the camera. But I'm sure that, that name will change over time. I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This is where I began my journey as an aspiring model. My first fashion show was in a middel school staduim, modeling a prom dress at the age of 6 for my Aunt in hopes of wining a local designers talent show. Every since that walk across the stage, and posing for the cameras I absolutly fell in love, and knew with out a doubt, that this is what I wanted to do.
        I resided to the state of Delaware almost 5 years ago. I continue to travel back and forth between Delaware and Philly. My goal is to be on at least 6 covers of a magazine, and a minimum of 12 spreads. Im a very outgoing person, I love to travel and meet new people. I am very excited about having that kind of experience. my strong point is RUNWAY. I am very strong willed in keeping my image up to par. I am determined not to change who am, just to pursue my dreams. 
        What aspires me is the story of other models who strived to get where they are. By never giving up, working hard, pushing and thriving for their dreams. I was once told that determination is key in this kinds of business, and I have come to find out that this is more than true. Knowing the feeling that I get from being on that Runway, and in front of the
camera keeps me having faith, and determined enough.

        You can contact me on Facebook, and of course this website. If you are interested in booking me or talking further more about something you would have in mind, you can contact me at my email, or all my other forms of contacts.